My name is Kimberly, certified Reiki Master Teacher. I have been practicing the healing power of Reiki for over 10 years. Working with Reiki has unlocked more and more ways of healing on a cellular and quantum level. I am a natural-born intuitive in a line of 4+ maternal grandmothers. I utilize my own spirit guides to help others on a quantum level. The possibilities of this are limitless. My guides will intuitively find where there might be blockages, including from within past lives, to help align and nourish these disconnections to restore you to feeling well. In a state of wellness, we are able to tap into our natural abilities.

I have been called to help others to discover their own psychic gifts within. This is done on a cellular level and can be done while you are sleeping, awake with me on zoom, or in-person. These sessions are tailored for you, so that you may feel and know spirit and your own spiritual gifts on a new level. Each one of us is connected in unimaginable ways and has a great ability to heal ourselves and others that were forgotten. But during this new age, we are beginning to awaken more and more into our divine power and divine birthright as creators. I was given quantum healing from my guides and although it is hard for me to describe, I can tell you that you will feel and see a difference during and after your session.

To reach me, you can book your free consultation below or call me directly at (860) 327-1906 to book your healing session. Along with private sessions, I am also available for group sound events. 


Remote healing session: 30 minutes – $88

Remote healing session: 1 hour – $150

In-person (I travel to you, or at the studio): 1.5 hour – $222 

These sessions can work for relationships, finances, physical and emotional health, and more. Really any area of your life that needs an adjustment can be worked with to attune on a quantum level. 

Kimberly Autumn
reiki master teacher / meditative musician / psychic intuitive

When you find yourself, you find the whole universe. When you love yourself, you love the whole world. When you love the whole world, you shift the whole universe. The power is within you. Let’s find it.